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lets design your dream home

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step 1 - design & permitting


The first step in creating your dream home is designing your home plans. Designing your homes plans is simple all we need to know are the answers to the following questions:

1. Lot Address and Need a Copy of a Boundary Survey. If you don't have a survey we can order one. If you don't own a lot, then ask us and we can find you one in the area that you desire to live.

2. What is your maximum budget so we can gauge how many square feet to design. If your budget is subjective and you know exactly what you want and have confidence that budgeting will be a non-issue then skip to question 3.

3. How many square feet? In order to answer this question you need to consider how many bedrooms, how many full bathrooms, whether you want a full dining room or if the kitchen island will be your dining room, do you want a library or study room, do you want a formal room, what size living room, what size kitchen, do you want 2 story or single story, do you want master on the first floor or second floor, do you want a theater room and or any special features or rooms to better fit your life style.

4. Style of exterior architecture? The exterior style of architecture of your home will set the tone for the entire project in most cases. However, in some cases if building in an historic neighborhood we must adhere to specific exterior guidelines for architecture for the exterior to fall in line with historic architecture for eras of each neighborhood and on the interior the design style can deviate and go full modern or any other style. If not in an historic neighborhood and then the exterior can be whatever you desire. The best way to convey this design style taste to us is creating a Pinterest, Houzz or Instagram folder and sharing with us. 

5. Interior Design. What style do you like luxury, traditional, transitional, modern, contemporary, mid century, minimalistic, eclectic, bohemian, craftsman or do you have some unique ideas that don't really fall under any category. We are here to make your every dream come true related to creating the most perfect home you and we can collectively imagine.  

6. Floor Plan. Once we have questions 1-5 answered and defined we create a floorplan for you and submit to you for review. Once you have reviewed and commented on the floor plan returning to us comments and or redlines for revisions we will revise your floor plan until its just right. This process usually takes about 2 weeks to go back and forth until you are satisfied with floor plan.

7. Exterior Design. After you approve the floor plan we move on to designing the exterior of your home taking in to consideration the above items 1-5 and all of the input you've given us along the way to develop and design the perfect exterior that falls perfectly in line with your taste and desires. Once we have completed the first draft of the exterior elevation which will show you the north, south, east and west elevation of the home we will submit to you for comment. Once you comment and or redline we will make adjustments and resubmit to you until you are satisfied. This process usually takes about 2 weeks. 

8. Site plan, Roof Plan, Electrical Plan and Structural Engineering - Once we have laid out the floor plan and completed exteriors we will then fly design the completed permit-able set of plans that will be ready for permit.

9.Submit for Permit - After the entire plan is complete we will submit for permit. Permitting time can vary depending upon the neighborhood and municipality, however, 2 months is an average time frame. 


After your plans are complete and we are processing your permit we will work on making finish selections and dialing in to your exact taste, style and desire finishes so that we can at very least create the correct allowance budgets for your selections

STEP 3 - contract and start construction

After we have accurately defined your budget based upon your desires and design criteria we will submit to you a final project cost and contract, if acceptable we will sign, pull your permit and start construction on your home. We will bring you in the home at milestone points to get your feedback and make adjustments as needed. The overall timeline for construction will vary depending upon the complexity of the home, however, an average timeline to build a new custom home is 7-8 months.

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