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Custom Luxury Home Builder 

Modern Home Builder Specializing in High End Complex Projects

New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner and Greater Metro Area

PENTEK DESIGN BUILD has been creating unique, above standard and sustainable homes and commercial projects in New Orleans since 2013. We pride ourselves on paying attention to the details and listening to our clients. 

what we do

new construction homes

Custom Home Builder of Luxury Homes, High End Homes, Large Scale Homes and or Modern Homes. The larger and more complex the project the more we can really shine. Our passion is creating the uncreated and bringing the imagination to reality.

Commercial construction

Pentek can take your commercial project from concept, design,  engineering, permitting and construction. Commercial construction in New Orleans and Metairie takes a contractor who knows the right subs, suppliers and flow of municipalities for permitting and getting to the finish line of getting certificate of occupancy. Pentek has the experience and ability to propel a commercial construction project efficiently, rapidly, maintain quality control, safety and budget.

historic renovation

Pentek Homes is "THE" leading builder choice for historic renovations in New Orleans. Year after year since opening in 2013 we have completed more gut-to-finish complex historic projects than any other builder in New Orleans

Renovating a historic home requires intense planning. Our process starts with close analysis of the existing structure's conditions and a map of the floor plan that will maximize space and coincide with the existing structure. 

Historic home renovations can be tricky at times. That being said, we have seen it all and have amassed an arsenal of solutions to problems that traditionally arise from these types of projects.


Types of Historic Renovation Projects We Specialize In:

  • Additions & Camel-backs

  • Double Conversion to Single

  • Complete Home Remodeling

  • Historic Preservation: Brick Buildings or Old 


Pertaining Items We Offer Internally and Externally: 

  • Plan Design

  • Structural Engineering 

  • Custom Millworks: - Exteriors - Windows - Doors - Balconies - Iron Works - Antique Wood Floor

  • Planning: HDLC, Tax Credits, Vieux Carre, Park Service


Pentek Design Build is a full service builder developer whereas we conceptualize site plans, manage the design of the site and residential or mixed use structure, manage permitting and construction both as an owner and as a hired professional for other developers. Currently in 2020 we have 3 large scale developments in New Orleans:

20 Single Family Homes 

15 Single Family Homes

801 Patterson

Mixed Use Project - 19 Loft Apartments in an historic building and a 4,000 sf restaurant 

If you have a project you would like to develop feel free to reach out to us about conceptualizing, managing entitlement, designing, building and even developing marketing plans whether for sale or rental based project.


featured developments

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featured projects




rosa ave

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pier ave




Rosa Ave



"Creativity and quality control stays at the front of our focus which is why we are able to deliver such unique projects time and time again"


Pentek is the leading home builder and remodeling contractor in New Orleans, specializing in custom designed homes, full gut-to-finish renovations, additions and commercial contracting.

Whether you are an architect searching for the right fit for your client or you are a property owner looking for the right builder, we understand that selecting a contractor is a paramount decision in bringing your dream project to a reality. Our company's success has been founded in holding this process and responsibiltiy with the highest regard and appreciation.

Pentek has historically been known for our achievements in complex, high-end residential contruction for both new construction and historic renovations. However, we have recently expanded our services to be inclusive of commercial projects as well. 


​Pentek Homes specializes in LUXURY and COMPLEX custom homes. Our design preferences are diverse and ever expanding. However, our average design has been Victorian, Greek Revival and New Orleans cottage styles. We stay true to New Orleans traditions by incorporating pieces of the city's classic style in every building, while infusing each home with the most up to date finishes and overall style.

Whether we are selling you a home we have already built or you hire us to build on a lot that you own, we can accommodate your needs.

We have in-house and external staff for the following:

  • Full Custom Home Building from Design to Build

  • Plan Design

  • Structural Engineering

  • Interior Decorating

  • Structure Types: Piling, Piers, Wood Frame, Solid Concrete or AAC

  • Experience Styles: Victorian, Beach Cottage, NOLA Traditional, Modern & Luxury Homes


Whatever your reasons for building a home in New Orleans, you can be sure that Pentek Homes will listen to you every step of the way.  Pentek Homes values its' customers' opinions and ideas.  We want you to have a voice in the building process and collaborate with our home design specialists.  From choosing the precise blueprints to selecting the exact modern day luxuries, Pentek works closely with our clients.

Working with a home builder does not have to be complicated or stressful.  Pentek Homes’ simple approach to home building eliminates the confusion and quickly begins the construction process. From the moment you contact Pentek Homes, you will be amazed at the organization and friendliness of our team.  If you are looking to build the custom home of your dreams in New Orleans, look no further.  Pentek Homes is available to answer all of your questions, give us a call.

​Your home is the place where memories are made and love is cultivated.  A home is not only a financial investment, but a legacy in the making.  Crafting the perfect luxury home in New Orleans can provide opportunities for great return on investment.  Perhaps even more important, a home helps to keep your most important investment, your family, safe and secure. 

New Orleans Architecture 

New Orleans historic architecture is full of character and charm.  With hundreds of years of time capsule designs to choose from, New Orleans is a picturesque location for new home construction and remodeling.  Pentek Homes has been serving the New Orleans area for over 10 years and has become the go-to home builder in New Orleans.  Using only quality workmanship, Pentek Homes combines the luxuries of today with the old-world essence of NOLA. 

​When looking for New Orleans home builders, customer reviews confirm that Pentek Homes is second to none.  The Pentek team is proud to hold such a reputation and makes daily strides to maintain an exceptional level of customer satisfaction and superiority with each new home build. With Pentek Homes at your disposal, building a home in the Big Easy has never been easier

As a Custom Home Builder & Home Remodeler, we take pride in injecting the old with the new. As a younger generation builder, we naturally gravitate to more modern finishes. however, the baseline will always be built on a solid foundation of traditional New Orleans Historic Preservation. 


Home builder Pentek has perfected building New Orleans architecture. It all comes down to going the extra mile with the finishes. At the end of the day there are many builders who can build a home, However, building infused with intricate details that really set a project apart from the pack are items that most builders simply don't have the desire to facilitate. Our custom millworks are second to none; whereas we take the time to understand your vision and needs so that we prepare a shop drawing showing the exact size, material and layout for custom cabinets, book shelves, custom wood beams in ceilings, reflected ceilings plans for groin ceilings, dome ceilings, sliding barns doors and entertainment centers coupled with stone tops. If you can dream it up and share pictures of your ideas with our design team, we can make it happen. The more complex, the more we love to help you achieve your vision!



1139 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd

New Orleans, LA 70113



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